Glock 19 rails

  1. 1.     Glock 19 rails

The Glock 19 rails are made of steel and are inserts, making them strong regardless of the material. Due to the material used to manufacture them, they are durable and robust, which makes the pistol have increased accuracy.

They are just like the rails made with a P80 kit. The rails are made of very high standards, which are from billet steel, which makes the nails strong so that they do not crack in their usage. They do not wear out quickly as they are smooth, enhancing their function from the first round to the 5000th round and beyond.

The front part of the rail is made from 1018 steel, which is black oxide coated. Additional features consist of the rails, as the dowel pinhole is made for a slim fit, so just a light tapping is needed to get the pin through. The dowel pin is also of 18-8 pins, and most of the time, it may be required to get trimmed to size while using them.

Most rails are also machined to FMDA specs for the Glock 19. These features of the Glock 19 rails make them more durable as they do not get rust while using as the materials used in making the rails prevent rust. Due to the durability of the material used, the fences are mostly preferred as they are reliable as do not crack easily.

The rail kit also has several parts, including the machine Glock 19.2 Front rail, Stamped stainless FMDA rear rail, 2x solid dowel pins, and the stainless Glock slide lock spring. The kit is made to enhance the purchase and selling practices as the buyers would find most of the parts in the same equipment without moving to other places to buy each piece.

The kits are available in the market, and the rail kit is not used in the P80 frames since they are not compatible. It is because the rails are made of steel, and the P80 is made of polymers, and also the sizes are different hence increasing the difference between the two models.


What are the Glock 19 rails?

Rails are inserts made of the highest quality rust-resistant steel that enhances the durability, accuracy, and function of the Glock 19s. Rail kits have machine Glock 19.2 Front rail, Stamped stainless FMDA rear rail, 2x solid dowel pins, etc.

Where and how are the Glock 19 rails applied?

Glock 19 rails adapted in modern Glock 19 slides and other compatible frames improve the overall accuracy and performance of the Glock model.