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While Glock handguns were first designed for the Austrian army, it did not take them long to arrive in the United States and become the standard-bearer for pistols in this country. Used by police forces and military units of all kinds, Glocks are known for their stability, reliability, and light overall weight. One of the reasons why Glocks are so reliable is that they are made from so few parts.

With fewer parts to Glock pistols overall, there is simply less that can go wrong. Furthermore, because Glocks have so few parts, it is easy for gun enthusiasts everywhere to take them apart and put them back together. For those who want to make modifications to their Glock pistols, it is important to know how the various parts work together.

The Exterior Parts of a Glock

There are several parts of a Glock that can be seen from the outside. These include:

This is an overview of the exterior parts of a Glock pistol.

The Internal Parts of the Glock

Because a Glock has so few pats, many of the parts can be viewed from the outside. This means that there aren’t that many parts to the interior. The interior parts include:

These are the various parts of the internal makeup of a Glock.

Modifications and Accessories for Glock Pistols

There are many users who want to make modifications to their Glock pistols. The good news is that with so few parts, there are plenty of options for modifications. Some of the most common modifications include:

Maritime Spring Cups: Many users like to add these coveted maritime spring cups because it will protect their Glock pistols from being exposed to water. These spring cups can be added to shield the firing spring and firing pin from moisture, which would otherwise make the ignition process impossible.

Trigger Springs: Some Glock users want to add a trigger spring that is heavier than the original, making the gun harder to fire.

Extended Slide Release: Some users like to add an extended slide release to the Glock. This makes the reloading process easier.

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