When were guns invented?

Guns (when were guns invented)

It has now been roughly a thousand years when guns were invented. "The first firearms, according to historians when Chinese fire lances were invented in the 10th century. Cannons first debuted in Italy approximately 1320, which when guns were invented and refined as European nations waged numerous conflicts (Kwon & Baack, 2005). European guns had become even more proficient — and far more lethal — than their Eastern equivalents by the 16th century as when were guns invented by purpose. Even though cannons exploded on the war scene, the conservative military opposed innovation when guns as well as other technological advances which were produced. Guns were invented for the exclusive purpose of fighting other men and developed throughout the years as advancing technologies changed.


By the beginning of the 13th century, when guns were invented, everyone around the military had a weapon (Kwon & Baack, 2005). Automatic firearms are carried by much of the military into combat for the simple reason that they can discharge rapid fire for a longer length of time.

In our country, in which the population is growing every day, the administration has been attempting to create a law since guns were invented for firearm holders by enacting regulations, and posing the question is whether gun ownership in the United States must be prohibited. Some Americans believe there is also no risk to the community if they hold guns legally. They say guns are not used to battle with each other. Some Americans only have guns to protect themselves in the event of violence. This event is not surprising since sine this has been happening since guns were invented. Due to high crime rates, several towns in the United States are considered risky places to live and people in these cities cannot wait for the authorities to arrive and assist them at the scene of the crime; they must act immediately. Therefore, gun ownership to some is a must. Therefore, regulation has been implemented since the time when were guns invented in order to avoid the crimes we have today.

The ratification of a gun control legislation does not reduce violence; nevertheless, firearm ownership does since people have possessed firearms since guns were invented. Despite the restriction to gun ownership, studies show that crime rates arising from the use of guns have increased (According to the findings, states that imposed limitations on carrying guns concealed had a higher gun incident rate, Churchill, 2001) The rate of gun-related murders in other states, however, is lower when were more guns are present. According to the study, gun ownership rose in the twentieth century, and death rates decreased, in contrast to what people are seeing now, when gun deaths are on the rise. States that prohibited the carrying of hidden weapons saw an increase in gun deaths, whereas states that boosted gun ownership saw a large reduction in crime. From this logic, it is clear that criminals prefer to break the law, and that when gun-carrying rules are enacted, criminals choose to comply.

The Gun Control Act provides the government a great deal of power that could lead to a tyrannical government (Churchill, 2001). If the government continues in this manner, there may come a time when individuals will be unable to own guns, leaving them vulnerable. Scholars have claimed that King George's tyranny influenced the legislature that was tasked with amending the gun control laws even before guns were invented.


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