Custom Glock Slides

Where to buy custom Glock slides and What are the Best Aftermarket Custom Glock Slide Options?


vc-feat-770x513.jpegFrom blinged out designs to those made of titanium, there is an aftermarket slide for everyone. We have a large selection of Custom Glock aftermarket slides.

ZP LIMITED EDITION SERIES!  Due to overwhelming response from our customers we decided to offer a limited run of unique Custom Glock Slides.  There aren’t large quantities and when they’re gone they’re gone.  Hopefully we’ll be offering limited runs on a weekly basis so stay tuned! 

Our slides have been Optic Cut and Limited Custom Cerakoted. 


Zaffiri Precision Stainless Steel Slides were designed with tight tolerances to increase accuracyand performance. There are different optic configurations and variety of coatings for a customized look. These are among the best aftermarket slides available for Glock. 

Fits Glock 19 – Gen 3 frame. Also compatible with Polymer 80 – PF940c. 

Take a look at our wide selection of options.

What are custom Glock slides?

We offer custom-made slides crafted with Optic Cut and Limited Custom Cerakoted. The slides like the ZPS, TTS Custom, Glock 17 Gen 3, Glock 19 Gen 3, Gen 1-3, and clones are optimized for accuracy and performance.

What makes the Glock slide special?

The aftermarket custom slides offer various options across various price ranges and technical brilliance. Our in-house-made Glock slides point to the high levels of craft, quality, and attention to detail.

Custom Glock Slides