Glock 43x slide

  1. 1.     Glock 43x slide

The Glock 43x slide is the Glock subcompact slimline pistol with a high magazine capacity, and it combines its short and slim dimensions with the extended small frame size of the Glock 48.

The Glock 43x has its specification whereby it is effectively a Glock 43 with a slightly broader and taller frame to increase the grip size and capacity from 6 rounds to 6 rounds of 9mm. It has two slimline pistols whereby.

It was introduced at the 2019 SHOT show. The model was extended to be a concealed carry gun, increasing its accuracy and reliability in the whole function. The model has an integrated rail in front of the trigger guard whereby allows the mounting of accessories such as tactical lights and lasers (Yamane, 2019).

The Glock 43x is a more versatile gun to many people than the Glock 19 as it is easier to conceal and can be used in home defense. The Glock 43x has a relatively pocket-friendly price compared to the other model. Though the model is not the best among the available models, it is somewhat better considering the pistol is under an inch thick.

The 43x and 43 are all interchangeable as the user can take one slide from one pistol and put it in the other gun and function well without any technical issue. The Glock 43x has one main problem: the user gets the most significant side effect from its strength due to its continuous use.

The model is mainly restricted to law enforcement as one must complete a specific form to make the whole purchase process legal to avoid illegalities.

The model has a slightly broader and taller frame to increase the grip size and the capacity from 6 rounds to 10 rounds of 9mm. The slides are made of metal, enhancing their durability as it is impossible for the slide to crack while in use.