Complete Glock 19 upper

  1. 1.     Complete Glock 19 upper   

Complete Glock 19 upper consists of the slide, barrel parts, and sights, whereby they are sold as a complete pack. The fall is available primarily on various options, including RTS-G19 GEN 3- ZPS.2RMR.

Complete Glock 19 upper is made of different colors, including black nitride, armor black, and flat dark earth. The selling price of the slide ranges around $499.99. The slide is the most used due to its efficiency and reliability. It provides safety o with the user whereby it does not get rust quickly due to its material nature. The other part entailed in the complete Glock 19 upper is the Barrel. It comprises various options, including G19 Barrel- Flush and Crown- TiN.

Complete Glock 19 upper is available in different colors, including the G 19 Barrel- Flush and Crown- Black Nitride and G19 Barrel- Flush and Crown- Stainless, among others. The Barrel is the most used by the security personnel due to its efficiency and reliability. The available sights have the options of HD Fiber Optic Sight Set and Suppressor Height Sights HD Fiber Optic, which are among the best and are used mainly by many in the firearms.

The UPK is another part of the complete Glock 19 upper, whereby it primarily consists of upper parts kit for Glock Gen 1-4. The Guide rod is also available as one of these parts, whereby the G19 Guide Rod – Gen 1-3 is available. The slides mostly come with the proper mounting screws explicitly made to the optic. Most of these fits are compatible with other models, such as the polymer 80- PF940c. Its compatibility makes it most preferred as the parts can be used in various models, increasing user satisfaction.

The pieces are made with tight tolerances, which enhance the increase of accuracy and performance (Morris, 2011). The different optic configurations and coating varieties are made to increase a customized look.

The slides are ranked among the best aftermarket slides available for Glock through these specifications. They are made to improve accuracy and reliability, enhancing the user's safety.